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1. The timeshares listed for rent in this Website belong to independent timeshare owners and do not belong to the Company orAll information regarding the timeshares listed on the Website has been submitted by their owners and may contain errors and or mistakes.

2. Any timeshare listed on this Website is being rented by you out of your own free will and directly from its owner. All agreements and financial arrangements are made between you and the owner privately; neither the company or the Website have any involvement in this.

3. None of the photographs or illustrations of the timeshare resorts, timeshare units, their surroundings or of any other third party which the Website may make available should be relied upon to give an accurate or full depiction of their state or condition.

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5. The only involvement of the company and the Website in the rental transaction is; that the Website will forward your contact information to the timeshare owner so that the both of you can negotiate the rental. Any and all agreements made with the timeshare owner, with regard to the use of the timeshare being rented, the form of payment or any other conditions is between you and the timeshare owner.

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