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By Renters

How do I rent a timeshare on your site?


To rent a timeshare all you have to do is; select from the drop down window  that says: "FIND A TIMESHARE FOR RENT" then click on “Select A Week”, this will take you to a calendar of the weeks of the year. Make sure that you select the correct year and weekday at the top of the calendar. Now select the week or weeks that you are looking to rent and this will take you to the available timeshares for rent at the moment. Once you decide which of the timeshares you would like to rent, click on the “Rent this Timeshare” button. This will take you to a form to fill out your contact information. Once we receive the form, we will then forward this to the corresponding timeshare owner so that you can continue the rental process with them. 


Are there any other fees that must be paid prior to occupying the timeshare?

Yes, besides the rental amount, which you pay to the owner of the timeshare, you will have to pay a daily government tax and a daily resort energy usage charge to the resort upon check in. These amounts vary per resort. Ask the timeshare owner you will be renting from, what those fees are at their resort. The fees to be paid at the resort can usually be paid by a Major Credit Card and sometimes in cash.

Are we allowed to bring pets to the resort?

Most resorts do not allow pets, however if this is allowed it will be stated in the resort information page on the website. You can also ask this to the timeshare owner you are renting from. 

What is the maximum amount of persons that can occupy the rented timeshare?

The maximum persons allowed to occupy a timeshare unit per resort are stated in the rental information for the specific timeshare that you select from the rental inventory. Please read this information carefully and adhere to it, since the resort will not allow more persons to occupy the timeshare than they specify in their information.

How can we be sure that the timeshare being rented is allowed to be rented?

All rentals are done strictly between the timeshare owner and interested parties. The website neither the company is not involved in any negotiations between renters and timeshare owners.

 Therefore the website neither the company, its employees, its agents nor it representatives, cannot ever be held responsible or liable for any errors, mistakes, omission of information, payment related matters, between you the renter and the timeshare owner. 

What happens if the owner of the timeshare being rented has any amounts outstanding with the resort?

Prior to paying the owner of the timeshare from whom you are renting, we suggest having the owner send you a copy of the confirmed reservations in your name.

This in itself is confirmation that the timeshare owner does not have any outstanding bills with the resort, since resorts would not allow an owner to make reservations if he or she has an outstanding debt with them.

What is the best way to pay for the timeshare being rented?

Payment for the timeshare you are renting is a matter between you and the timeshare owner. We do not get involved in this.

We suggest; that whichever method you use and/or conditions you set, both you and the timeshare owner should agree on this. 

Can we cancel our rental once it has been paid for?

You will need to get this information directly from the timeshare owner you will be renting from.

Bear in mind that whatever arrangement you make with the timeshare owner, is between you and him. The website, neither the company its employees, its agents or representatives do not get involved in this, neither can they be held responsible or liable for any claims for damages. 

What happens if we are unable to use the timeshare because of an emergency and we have already paid for it?

You will need to get this information directly from the timeshare owner you will be renting from.

Bear in mind that whatever arrangement you make with the timeshare owner, is between you and him. The website, neither the company its employees, its agents or representatives do not get involved in this, neither can they be held responsible or liable for any claims for damages. 

By Timeshare Owners

How do I list my timeshare for rent on your website?

To list your timeshare on the website, you will need to create an account first Click on the button that says: “Submit my Timeshare for Rent”. This will take you to a page where you can register. Once you have registered, you can then proceed to login using your Username and Password and fill out all the details of your timeshare. Listing your timeshare is 100% FREE. No listing fee or rental commission will be charged.

How do I list my timeshare if I have a floating week or own points?

To be able to list your timeshare if you own a floating week or you own points, you must first establish a fixed week with your home resort for the year and then you will be able to place this fixed week up for rent on our website.

Why should I list my timeshare for rent on your website?

3 Reasons why you should list your timeshare for rent with us!

  1. Listing is Free: you will never be charged a listing fee for placing your timeshare  for rent on our website or a rental commission when you rent your timeshare.
  1. Dedicated Aruba Rental Website: most Timeshare rental companies offer timeshares for rent from all over the world. This makes it very difficult for your timeshare in Aruba to stand out and be rented. www.rentarubatimeshares.com only offers Aruba Timeshares for rent, so we put the spotlight on your timeshare.
  1. Creating an Open Market: our goal is to create an open market by means of our website for all Aruba timeshare owners to place their timeshare for rent when they so desire and for potential tenants from anywhere in the world; to view these timeshares and rent them.




How will I know if you get a renter for my timeshare?

All persons inquiring on your specific timeshare for rent that you have listed on our site will be forwarded to you immediately as we receive them. 

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  • Thank you for the excellent service

    I want to thank you for the excellent service that you and your firm provided in the purchase of the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Timeshare. The information you provided us and the follow-up from the beginning of the transaction to the finalization of the sale were excellent. Based on our experience with you and your firm, I would be happy to be a reference for anyone who plans to buy a timeshare from you in the future.
    Thomas P. Kellam .
  • To Johnny Paesch & Kenneth Faustin

    Thanks for all of your efforts in finding a buyer for our Marriott timeshare in Aruba. I could not have sold my timeshare by myself. You both did a great job and you can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again
    Michael Viggiano
  • I am very pleased...

    I did want to thank everyone at ITR Resales Realty Inc. for the quick turnaround with the sale of my timeshare.  I am very pleased with the prompt communication I received since my return from Aruba on April 2nd of this year.  There was never any pressure from you or others at your company regarding this transaction. Perhaps sometime in the future I will reach out to your company to sell my other week at the Phoenix.
    Paula Miller Yanke
  • Will recommend you guys...

    WOW, thanks Kenneth. will recommend you guys to all my Aruba friends who are interested in selling.
    N. Timperley
  • Job well done!

    I received my final Marriott Aruba Timeshare documents today. By my calculations the transaction was completed in two and a half months; much better than I expected. Your constant informational communications were helpful and greatly appreciated. I think you and Johnny have done a tremendous job on this sale/purchase and subsequent coordination that was required. You have my strongest endorsement and my sincere appreciation. Job well done!
    Don Weiss
  • Cannot wait to use our condo week next year

    To whom it may concern; As clients of Independent Timeshare Resale Realty Inc., we were very satisfied with the service and courtesy accorded us.  We are extremely happy with our purchase and cannot wait to use our condo week next year. I would recommend Independent Timeshare Realty to any interested party. Sincerely,
    Jeff and Connie Guest

Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Owners and Renters together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of renting as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”