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Why list your Timeshare Rental with us

Timeshare Rental Aruba


List your Timeshare Rental with us.

For those who own a Timeshare in Aruba and know the beauty and tranquility of the island are sometimes faced with the dilemma of what to do with their Timeshare when it is not in use. It may seem like renting your timeshare during certain periods of the year is risky, time consuming, and in general, just not worth the effort. But here at www.RentArubaTimeshares.com we are focused on helping customers see how easy the process is and making it an easier decision for them to make. As one of the leaders in the industry, we have the necessary reputation and the experience to make listing your timeshare a simple and profitable venture.

First, Rent Aruba Timeshares does not charge a fee for the listing of any properties. We also do not charge a fee for any rent accumulated while your Timeshare is listed on our website. All of the extra income that you earn is yours to keep, and there are no hidden fees that will be charged at a later date. We provide a free service that creates a community of timeshare owners and prospective customers. We will never earn money from the listings or the rent accrued through those listings.

In addition, our website and service is dedicated only to the Timeshare owners in Aruba. We do not focus our attention on other vacation destinations, rather we dedicate ourselves to the development of the Aruban Timeshare community. This allows for greater visibility and more inquiries from prospective clients and renters. Those who are searching for a rental in our area can find exactly what they are looking for without being bombarded by advertisements for other Timeshares in other locations.


Finally, all of the staff at www.rentarubatimeshares.com has a vested interest in the community and the island as a whole. We strive to make our website a format that enables a community of like-minded people to meet and get to know one another in a free market atmosphere. Both those who list their Timeshares for Rent and future vacationers from all over the world who are looking for that perfect rental our website is committed to their mutual benefit and satisfaction.

With all of us working to help you list your Timeshare in the most stress-free yet profitable manner possible, it is obvious that www.rentarubatimeshares.com is the right choice for you. With our free service that focuses only on the local market and the like-minded people who love it as much as we do, our website will help you list your Timeshare with respect and sincerity.

Submit your Timeshare today.

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  • Thank you for the excellent service

    I want to thank you for the excellent service that you and your firm provided in the purchase of the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Timeshare. The information you provided us and the follow-up from the beginning of the transaction to the finalization of the sale were excellent. Based on our experience with you and your firm, I would be happy to be a reference for anyone who plans to buy a timeshare from you in the future.
    Thomas P. Kellam .
  • To Johnny Paesch & Kenneth Faustin

    Thanks for all of your efforts in finding a buyer for our Marriott timeshare in Aruba. I could not have sold my timeshare by myself. You both did a great job and you can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again
    Michael Viggiano
  • I am very pleased...

    I did want to thank everyone at ITR Resales Realty Inc. for the quick turnaround with the sale of my timeshare.  I am very pleased with the prompt communication I received since my return from Aruba on April 2nd of this year.  There was never any pressure from you or others at your company regarding this transaction. Perhaps sometime in the future I will reach out to your company to sell my other week at the Phoenix.
    Paula Miller Yanke
  • Will recommend you guys...

    WOW, thanks Kenneth. will recommend you guys to all my Aruba friends who are interested in selling.
    N. Timperley
  • Job well done!

    I received my final Marriott Aruba Timeshare documents today. By my calculations the transaction was completed in two and a half months; much better than I expected. Your constant informational communications were helpful and greatly appreciated. I think you and Johnny have done a tremendous job on this sale/purchase and subsequent coordination that was required. You have my strongest endorsement and my sincere appreciation. Job well done!
    Don Weiss
  • Cannot wait to use our condo week next year

    To whom it may concern; As clients of Independent Timeshare Resale Realty Inc., we were very satisfied with the service and courtesy accorded us.  We are extremely happy with our purchase and cannot wait to use our condo week next year. I would recommend Independent Timeshare Realty to any interested party. Sincerely,
    Jeff and Connie Guest

Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Owners and Renters together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of renting as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”