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Why you should choose Aruba for its beaches when renting a Timeshare

 Why You Should Choose Aruba For Its Beaches When Renting A Timeshare


Every year, there are thousands of people who are going to visit the area of Aruba. They are home to some of the biggest beach festivals around. In Aruba, for over 15 years, one of the best things about Aruba is the allure that it brings to its visitors. There are a number of headliner acts combined with a number of comedy shows and parties filled with celebrities. There is always something going on around Aruba that draws people to the city and what it has to offer.


The beaches in Aruba are covered in white sand and quiet retreats. If you are concerned that you might not find something entertaining to do, you will be pleased to know that there is something for everyone to do. Whether you want to find a quiet reading spot snuggled up underneath an umbrella tree or you want to rent a motorboat to catch some fish, there is something for everyone.


There are plenty of places around the beaches that allow you to take in the salty air while enjoying the amenities of the various hotels and beaches. There are bars to visit who will be able to make any drink you can think of and who are used to the various visitors coming and going all hours of the day and night. Being kissed by the rays of the sun while lounging on the crystal shores is just one dream that many women and men think of having at least once in their lifetime. The clear waters lead out to an endless shoreline that most think only exist in photographs.


Palm Beach is the two mile long beach that is home to various high rise hotels who share in the water sports rentals and the piers and shops are home to just about anything that you might possibly want. You will come across various swimmers as well as a number of snorkelers who all want to take in the beautiful surrounding waters. If you are looking for a romantic night out, nothing compares to the glow of the moonlight on the water while taking a stroll along the beach.


In Malmok Beach, you will come across those people who enjoy windsurfing and those who love to snorkel. On this beach, its home to those reefs and sunken ships that are close by that makes it the best diving spot around. If you want to enjoy a private swim, Boca Catalina is nearby. Might make it for an interesting swim with a loved one. All of this could be something you could enjoy by renting or owning a timeshare in Aruba. You can enjoy it more than once by renting a timeshare or owning a timeshare in Aruba.

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  • Thank you for the excellent service

    I want to thank you for the excellent service that you and your firm provided in the purchase of the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club Timeshare. The information you provided us and the follow-up from the beginning of the transaction to the finalization of the sale were excellent. Based on our experience with you and your firm, I would be happy to be a reference for anyone who plans to buy a timeshare from you in the future.
    Thomas P. Kellam .
  • To Johnny Paesch & Kenneth Faustin

    Thanks for all of your efforts in finding a buyer for our Marriott timeshare in Aruba. I could not have sold my timeshare by myself. You both did a great job and you can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again
    Michael Viggiano
  • I am very pleased...

    I did want to thank everyone at ITR Resales Realty Inc. for the quick turnaround with the sale of my timeshare.  I am very pleased with the prompt communication I received since my return from Aruba on April 2nd of this year.  There was never any pressure from you or others at your company regarding this transaction. Perhaps sometime in the future I will reach out to your company to sell my other week at the Phoenix.
    Paula Miller Yanke
  • Will recommend you guys...

    WOW, thanks Kenneth. will recommend you guys to all my Aruba friends who are interested in selling.
    N. Timperley
  • Job well done!

    I received my final Marriott Aruba Timeshare documents today. By my calculations the transaction was completed in two and a half months; much better than I expected. Your constant informational communications were helpful and greatly appreciated. I think you and Johnny have done a tremendous job on this sale/purchase and subsequent coordination that was required. You have my strongest endorsement and my sincere appreciation. Job well done!
    Don Weiss
  • Cannot wait to use our condo week next year

    To whom it may concern; As clients of Independent Timeshare Resale Realty Inc., we were very satisfied with the service and courtesy accorded us.  We are extremely happy with our purchase and cannot wait to use our condo week next year. I would recommend Independent Timeshare Realty to any interested party. Sincerely,
    Jeff and Connie Guest

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